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Contained within these pages are documents -- both memoranda and minutes. Minutes are generated following regular or special business meetings of the Town Council.


The Town Council also meets regularly where it takes no formal action but will discuss and receive information on matters of public import. In these meetings, a memorandum  of the meeting is generated. For your convenience, we have included the Indiana law citation regarding reporting requirements:


IC 5-14-1.5-4


Posting agenda; memoranda of meetings; public inspection of minutes


  Sec. 4.

   (a) A governing body of a public

        agency utilizing an agenda shall

        post a copy of the agenda at the

        entrance to the location of the

        meeting prior to the meeting.

        A rule, regulation, ordinance,

        or other final action adopted by

       reference to agenda number or

       item alone is void.


  (b) As the meeting progresses,

       the following memoranda shall

       be kept:


      (1) The date, time, and place of

            the meeting.

      (2) The members of the governing

            body recorded as either

            present or absent.

      (3) The general substance of all

           matters proposed, discussed,

           or decided.

      (4) A record of all votes taken,

           by individual members if there

           is a roll call.

      (5) Any additional information

           required under IC 5-1.5-2-2.5.


  (c) The memoranda are to be

        available within a reasonable

        period of time after the meeting

        for the purpose of informing the

        public of the governing body's

        proceedings. The minutes, if any,

        are to be open for public

        inspection and copying.



PLEASE NOTE: The minutes and memoranda of meetings located on the website represent a source of minutes. The minutes are provided as a service and to uphold a commitment to greater citizen access to the their government. However, these minutes may not be used for any official purpose. Official minutes to be used for an official purpose, may be obtained from the Office of the Clerk-Treasurer.