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The Indiana Gateway for Government Units is a data collection and transparency portal supported by the State of Indiana and Indiana University and used by thousands of local government officials, academic researchers, and taxpayers.


Launched in 2010, Gateway grew from the Information for Indiana Initiative, a collaboration of the State of Indiana and Indiana University to make state-collected information available to Indiana citizens.


As of 2016, over a dozen applications are used by hundreds of local units of government, schools, state agencies, casino operators, and others to submit financial and operational data.


Data submitted includes budgets, annual financial reports, employee compensation reports, debt issuances, local development agreements, TIF district summaries, and school district collective bargaining reports, among others.



find out where your tax dollars go. The Gateway collecs financial information from local officials directly through the web. That data becomes public as soon as possible after the collection phase has been completed. This site contains budget, expense and data for counties, cities/towns, townships, special taxing districts and more.


Click here to access the Indiana Gateway now.


Gateway provides a one-of-a-kind link between local officials and their constituents. Since local officials submit information directly through Gateway, and Gateway makes the same information available publicly to citizens, there is no "middle man" causing delays or altering the data in any way. The information is avaialble almost immediately, and the public can be confident that the date viewed on the web site is exactly what the loal official reported.


If you have questions about a specific unit's financial report, budget, debt, etc., please contact Highlad Clerk-Treasurer at for details or the IBRC at