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How do I become part of the Volunteers in Policing?


The town is looking for dedicated individuals who want to work alongside Highland police and help keep our community safe. Training and uniforms are provided. VIPs assist police officers by providing a variety of tasks including: vacation home checks, directing traffic, traffic patrols in residential/business/park districts (on foot, bicycle, or vehicle), providing funeral escorts, conducting finger printing, filing, typing, even answering telephones. Tasks and assignments vary per ability and interest. All hours and shifts are available.

If you are interested, please download an application here or contact VIPS Coordinator Corporal Glenn Cox at (219) 838-3184.


How do I find my lost pet?


Call Highland Police nonemergency at (219) 838-3184 to file a report. Police dispatchers keep a log of all lost animals and do the best they can to reunite pets and their families.


Police officers along with VIPs officers handle all calls regarding stray animals – pets as well as their wild cousins. Beginning in 2013, the town entered into a partnership with the Humane Society of the Calumet Region. The Humane Society is a no-kill shelter and works with the town to house stray pets until their owners can be found.


What do I do with a stray I found?


Call Highland Police nonemergency at (219) 838-3184. If the animal has a license tag on its collar, police dispatchers can help match the lost pet with its owner. If not, they will make arrangements to take the animal to the Humane Society until the owner can be located. The Humane Society will only release an animal after it has been authorized by police. Residents will have to assume lodging costs for their pet.



We know you have questions from time to time. A pressing notion to know the zoning rules you need to follow to add that prized sunroom to your home, how tall your new fence can be constructed or even to learn the curfew rules for your 16-year-old are questions you may not know yet have answers.


That is why we created this page that includes many of the most frequently asked questions.


If you want to call us, we’re more than happy to answer but if your questions come to mind after 5 p.m. or on weekends, please know this website is always here to help.

Highland Police Department

3315 Ridge Road

Highland, IN 46322


Non-emergency telephone:

(219) 838-3184


Fax: (219) 972-5095