Come home to Highland!






Intense storms have the

ability to fell trees and down power

lines throughout the town.


To stay safe during dangerous weather, Fire ChiefBill Timmer urges residents to:


Steer clear of downed power lines

and call NIPSCO immediately.


Never run a generator in an

enclosed space because it produces

carbon monoxide, which can kill.


If you hear the town sirens or a

warning on television or radio that

says take cover — don’t wait.


Invest in a weather radio for alerts

when dangerous weather is nearby. 



Highland Fire Departmen

Central Station

2901 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322


Highland Fire Department

South Station

45th Street

Highland, IN 46322


Non-emergency telephone:

(219) 923-9876

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to spend my days and nights fighting fires;

working to keep people safe. The way I look at it, I’m the luckiest guy in town because for

the past two decades, I’ve gotten to do just that.


I love planning for any one of a legion of potential disaster scenarios as much as I like

thinking on my feet – reacting to what can never be anticipated.


I work with a talented and dedicated crew of volunteers who are passionate about their

mission to keep you safe. We spend our evenings and weekends training for the

unexpected. In addition to fighting fires, we also train long and hard on rescue. Protecting

our citizens during weather emergencies has become a big part of our job. From

microbursts, tornadoes and flooding in the summer to cold water rescues in the winter,

we work hard to keep you safe.


During a single summer day, we responded to a gas main break at a construction site,

freed a toddler who had gotten her head stuck between staircase spindles and then sat

down with other department heads to plan for hazardous weather.


It’s how any day might go in town and I love every minute of it!


Bill Timmer

Highland Fire Chief





From the desk of Bill Timmer!