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The Building Department was created to guarantee orderly development within the boundaries of the town and assist contractors, developers and homeowners as they look to construct new buildings as well as rehabilitate and expand existing homes and businesses. Our Code Enforcement Officer works as part of the department to ensure properties and buildings are kept safe and in compliance. Our inspectors follow workman to guarantee work that has been contracted is up to code.


We keep lists of workmen who are licensed to do work in Highland. Residents can rest easier when they hire licensed contractors, plumbers, electricians and lawn maintenance companies.


As part of our duties, we work in tandem with the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Commission and the Redevelopment Commission.

The Plan Commission and Building Department have worked together to create a Master Plan to help govern development and identify land use patterns and trends to help determine future uses for areas of the town. Every five years -- or sooner -- we take a fresh look at the Master Plan to maximize available land use and make changes to the original document that make sense for our town.


The Board of Zoning Appeals was created to tackle building requests that fall outside the Municipal Code. They adjudicate those requests and help determine if a variance request should be accepted or denied. Ultimately, the Town Council may choose to accept or reject a BZA recommendation.


If you have questions about building permits, construction or land use, please contact me.


Ken Mika

Chief Inspector, Building Commissioner





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